Board meeting Jan 9, ’23

OTHG Board Meeting Minutes
of January 9, 2023

All board members were present:  President Tom Williams, VP Jannett Thornburg, Secretary Merle Rouillard, Treasurer Janet Ross, Director Ella Williams, and Director Monica Moser.

Tom called the meeting to order at 11:00 am.  He announced that he and Ella would be resigning their positions on January 31, 2023, due to his upcoming medical treatments.  They will also not be present for 45 days after the January.
After discussion, it was decided that the board would fill those positions with those who would serve the 2 terms out until elections are held in June 2023.  Jannett agreed to vacate her VP position and be appointed president on Jan. 30, which means the board will need to appoint someone as VP and director.

In March, a nominating committee will be appointed by the board (an odd number) and present their suggested slate of officers to the general membership at the June elections.  The membership will then be able to nominate candidates of their own choosing and voting will commence.

Tom thanked Jannett and Merle for putting together the weekly grocery shopping list and for doing the shopping at HEB.  He also thanked Merle for setting up OTHG to get tax exempt status at HEB, Dollar General, and Walmart.

Janet gave a copy of the Treasurer’s report to each board member.  As of Jan. 1, 2022, the beginning bank balance was $******.  As of Dec. 31, 2022, the ending bank balance was &******.   This is a decreased balance of $674.26 this year.

The kitchen situation brought up lots of discussion.  Reliable volunteers have been hard to find.  Many members want to help but not commit to a time and task which is why the sign-up book has not worked well.  Tom will begin contacting area churches for volunteers to do the shopping and cooking, but not the clean-up.

Tom said this is the plan for Thursday lunch:  There will be no saving food for people who are not in attendance unless it is paid for.  On the first time through the line, take only enough food for 1 person.  It will be announced when to go back for seconds.  Then it will be announced when to go get food-to-go.

Tom will continue to keep the OTHG website current.  We will send him photos and keep him updated on events.

Tom asked Merle to make a copy of the OTHG’s By Laws available to all members.

Tom closed the meeting at 12:30.
Respectfully submitted,
Merle Rouillard

©2023 Over The Hill Gang, Inc.


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