September 22, 2022, OTHG General Meeting, Minutes

September 22, 2022, OTHG General Meeting, Minutes

President Tom Williams called a general meeting on Thursday, Sept. 22, 2022, at approximately 11:30 a.m. to bring 3 items to be voted on before the membership.  Twenty-two members were in attendance. 

Item 1:  The board previously approved a change to the bylaws to extend membership to anyone under 50 years old who is the spouse /life partner/caregiver to a participating/active member.  They will be considered ‘auxiliary’ members.  They will be able to participate in OTHG activities but not be able to be on the Board or vote.

Item 2:  General meetings of OTHG will be changed from 3rd Saturday to 3rd Thursday of June and December.

Item 3:  Since there is no longer a weekly newspaper in Liberty Hill, the OTHG will no longer publicize with the L.H. Independent newspaper.  That newspaper is now online and comes out once a month in print. Any OTHG publicizing will be done via the OTHG website ( and on Facebook.

The motion to accept the items was made by Pat Roberts.  It was seconded by Ella Williams, and was passed unanimously by the members who were present.

Respectfully submitted,

Merle Rouillard, Secretary   

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