Shopping and Stocking

I had as my goal for the day to go to Sam’s Club and purchased everything needed for the next two weeks of lunches at OTHG. I was quite surprised, therefore, to discover how little I was actually able to stock up on.

So we went to Walmart and, for the most part, completed our shopping.

I was surprised that at neither place was I able to purchase the restaurant size cans of fruit cocktail or mandarin oranges. Also, I really wanted some creamy cucumber salad dressing for the cucumber and tomatoe salad we will be serving. I guess I’ll make it myself.

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OTHG August 11 Hat Day

   King Ranch Chicken, biscuits, mixed salad, pears, and pinto beans.
(Note to self: disregard instructions
to layer the casserole.
Next time thoroughly mix all ingredients.)


OTHG 08/11/2022
I have a doctor’s appointment and will be leaving right after lunch. Please help with food and dishes clean up and put away. Help is ALWAYS APPRECIATED
Parking. You may have noticed that parking is at a premium here. However, please do not park in the spots next to Parker’s Market. Also, in days gone by, there was a handicap spot next to the curb at the back door. The city removed it because it blocks the drive and makes it nearly impossible to pull out of the parking along the south. There is parking on the north, East, and south side of the building. It is okay to park on the grass to the west of the building both near the building and across the drive. Be aware that semis come in and out of that drive, so allow enough room for them to make the turn. 
Today is Hat Day. Bring your hats up here – with your head still in them. 
Remember, next week is Shirt Day on the eleventh.  
Speaking of shirts … those who ordered ¾ sleeve, we need to speak to you because the solid colored shirts are not available. 
On the 28th we will bring you to Bring a Friend. Yes we are trying to increase membership …  so the friend has to be a qualifying senior. But you and they Eat For Free. 
We have some new games that we hope to introduce soon …  either after the Thursday lunches or, perhaps on a separate day. Do we have any mahjong players? How about bunco players? 
This is something that shouldn’t need to be said … but … Folks remember BE KIND when playing games. They are only games, after all. 

Joke:. When you’re 20 and you drop something, you pick it up.
When you’re 50 and you drop something, you look around to see if there’s anything else to do while you’re down there. 
When you’re 80 and you drop something, you decide you don’t need it anymore.

The are enough biscuits to have …  one. After everyone had been served, the leftovers are fair game. 


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Attendance 22

September Calendar and Menu

September 2022  Alzheimer Month

••• 01 THURSDAY 
OTHG Lunch and games 11-?
Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and    gravy, coleslaw, and beans..
World Letter Writing Day
September Birthdays celebration

••• 02 FRIDAY 
First Friday Potluck And Game Night 7-9ish
Victory in Japan Day 1945


••• 04 SUNDAY


••• 06 TUESDAY
OTHG Morning Coffee 8:30-?


OTHG  Lunch and games 11-?
Cooks Choice
Hat Day – wear your best/favorite/funniest/strangest

••• 09 FRIDAY Sudoku Day

••• 10  SATURDAY

••• 11 SUNDAY Patriot Day

••• 12 MONDAY

OTHG Morning Coffee 8:30 -?


OTHG Lunch and games 11-?
Ham and beans, salad, fruit/Jello, cornbread
Shirt Day – wear your OTHG shirt.

••• 16 FRIDAY POW/MIA Remembrance Day


••• 18 SUNDAY Wife Appreciation Day

••• 19 MONDAY

••• 20 TUESDAY OTHG Morning Coffee 8:30-?

••• 21 WEDNESDAY Alzheimer Day

••• 22 THURSDAY Autumnal Equinox Day
OTHG Lunch and games 11-?
Tacos, rice, refried beans, guacamole, salad, fruit

••• 23 FRIDAY


••• 25 SUNDAY Rosh Hashanah – Jewish New Year

••• 26 MONDAY

••• 27 TUESDAY Neighbor Day
OTHG Morning Coffee 8:30-?


••• 29 THURSDAY Veteran of foreign wars Day
OTHG Lunch and games 11-?
BBQ Pulled Pork, buns, coleslaw, potato salad,

••• 30 FRIDAY

September Menu

01 Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, coleslaw, and beans..

08 Cook’s Choice

15 Ham and beans, salad, fruit/Jello, cornbread

22 Taco meat, rice, refried beans, guacamole, shredded cheese, diced onion, salad, fruit, corn and flour tortillas

29 BBQ Pulled Pork, buns, coleslaw, potato salad,

King Ranch Chicken Recipe for 08/11/22

King Ranch Chicken
On Wednesday:
Boil 15 pounds of mixed chicken (breasts and thighs) in salted water. Shred with 2 forks. Set aside to cool
Melt 2½ tablespoons butter in a pan and (cut veggies into very small pieces) sauté 5 bell peppers and 5 onions and 5 carrots and a full bunch of celery till tender.
Cut 1 value pack of corn tortillas (from sams) into bite size cubes.
In a large bowl mix:
2 large cans cream of chicken
2 large cans cream of mushroom
4 Tablespoons chicken broth melted in ½ cup water 2 large cans rotel Parsley to taste
Salt and Pepper to taste Thyme to taste
add: cooled chicken, cooked veggies and cubed tortillas. Mix well
Spray nonstick in 2 large baking dishes. Pour mixture, cover with plastic wrap and put in frig.
Take plastic wrap off. Place in 390 degree oven for 1.5 hours then turn down to 375 degrees. Top with cheddar cheese around 10am.
Serve with biscuit mix bread (ratio: 2 cups mix to ½ cup boiling water and 4tablespoons melted butter)

Please note: As Tom is doing the majority of the cooking, you should be aware that he treats recipes as “idea starters” rather than something that needs to be strictly followed.

OTHG 08/04/22

Fried chicken, corn on the cob, mac and cheese, coleslaw, mixed fruit jello, and ham and Navy beans.

The new BINGO game was a success.

• As of August 2nd the Morning Coffee Club began. These will be every Tuesday starting at 8:30. Jannett, do you have anything to announce here? 

• For those days when it’s too hot to be outside, pick up DVDs at the library and stay inside where it is cool.

• Hat Day next week and Shirt Day on the eleventh. (Please wear a shirt on other days also 😁)  On the 28th Bring a Friend and you and they Eat For Free. Yes we are trying to increase membership …  so the friend has to be a qualifying senior. 

• Speaking of shirts … we need to get your orders in because we will place the order this week.

• When you visit our website, please leave a comment if it’s nothing more than, “Hey, GANG” or “Wha’s up?” 

• Merle, do you have an announcement about bingo? We have a new BINGO game.

• Joke:. A retired man now volunteers to entertain patients in assisted living homes and hospitals. He visited one hospital in Brooklyn and brought along his portable keyboard.
After telling jokes and singing songs at patients’ bedsides, he said farewell and, “I hope you get better.” One elderly gentleman replied, “I hope you get better, too.”

• Prayer:.  Be present at our table Lord. Be here and everywhere adored. These favors bless and grant that we may feast in fellowship with thee. Amen

Let’s eat. Any who need assistance go first.
Door prize went to Pat R.

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30 for dinner

Tuesday Coffee 08/02/22

August 2nd was the kick off of a Tuesdays morning coffee group. It is scheduled to start at eight thirty and last as long as people want to stay.

This, the first gathering, was attended by only two people and they are board members.

Perhaps we need to better define the purpose of the group to attract more people. And we will continue to advertise it through social media.

We are open to suggestions.

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Grocery shopping

Getting the shopping done for this Thursday’s lunch.

The fried chicken is ordered.

Wednesday I’ll begin prepping the navy beans. We will also brew the tea and put it in the refrigerator to cool over night.

Thursday we will arrive early to cook the corn on the cob, Mac & cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, and mix the coleslaw.

Come early and leave a hand, if you want.

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