June 23, 2022

Lunch was lasagna, lettuce salad, garlic bread, and pinto beans. Desserts provided were cookies, watermelon, and cheesecake.

Tom’s Message Before Lunch

I’m so glad to see y’all. Last Thursday kinda became the perfect storm as all the dark clouds lined up. Tuesday, we shopped for the groceries and brought them to the OTHG building. 
That’s when we discovered the lack of air conditioning. 
Then I got sick
Then Ella got sick. 
I asked Merel to cover for me and found out she was also sick. 
So we had to suspend for last week. I posted messages on all of the Liberty Hill Facebook pages and Merel posted signs on the doors. I sent email messages to those few who had previously shared their email addresses with us.

And that brings me to the next topic. If we had everyone’s email address, we could have quickly sent a message and avoided people arriving to find we were closed. Please. Please. Add your email behind your name on the sign in sheet. Please print both your name and email

On a brighter note: Have you noticed the newly cleaned carpet and freshly washed windows courtesy of the city?
The city was also notified about the air conditioner last Tuesday and have it running for us today.

•Speaking of the city … I received this text from Mayor Liz Brannigin:. The county is asking to use the building for the November election.  I will try to find an alternate.  Thanks, Liz
If it comes to this we may check with some of the local churches. Perhaps they could host us for however many Thursdays in November.

• 2 weeks ago I asked if y’all would be interested in Friday Night Potluck and Game Night. There was positive feedback so we’re going to go ahead with it. It will be the FIRST Friday of every month from seven to nine. This begins in July on the first. Bring an entree to share and a salad or dessert. This was also posted on social media. And if you would let people know on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, telephone, telegraph, telegram, tell a woman, tell a man, or whatever system you use to get the message out that we not only meet every Thursday for food, fellowship, and fun starting at 10:30 A.M. with lunch at 11:30. We now have fun and games on First Fridays Potluck and Games Night from 7 to 9.

Joke: A blind man walks into a bar. And a chair. And a table. And a desk. Okay the punchlines not that great … but I’ll bet you, like the blind man, didn’t see it coming..



OTHG General Meeting June 23, 2022
President Tom Williams called the meeting to order.  There were 13 members present and one new member.  Elections were held.  There was only one member on ballot per office, there were no further nominations. They were voted in unanimously. The new officers are as follows:  Tom Williams president; Jannett Thornburg vice president; Merle Rouillard secretary; Janet Ross treasurer; directors Ella Williams and Monica Moser.

Last week the OTHG was closed due to AC malfunction and illnesses of members.

The president announced that OTHG will begin to have a pot luck dinner from 7:00 to 9:00 pm on the first Friday of each month and each member participating to please bring a dish to share.  The first potluck will be July 1st, 2022.

The City will be using the OTHG building again (it belongs to the City) from October 24 through November 9 for elections so we would miss Oct. 27 and Nov. 3.


©2022 Over The Hill Gang, Inc. all rights reserved.


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