Over The Hill Gang History part one

This coffee group was the beginning of what would shortly become the Over The Hill Gang, Inc.
The following is information from the club archives:
What a success our Thursday lunch is! So how did that ever get started? One day Chigger Gardner said, “I sure do like cornbread and a bowl of beans “
Loraine Williams said, “Chigger, next Thursday I’ll have you a pot of beans and some cornbread.” And that’s the story of how this all started. At some point James Hanley secured permission from Williamson county to use this building for our meetings
You have been generous with your donations each week. We have enough to buy plates, cups, napkins, bowls, small plates, paper towels, people paper, sugar, creamer, liquid plumber, large and small trash bags, and all those kinds of things that keep us going. In addition, we buy the
meat, potatoes, or whatever we’re having for the main dish.
There is no schedule, no roster, no clean-up crew. Whoever shows up always finds something to do …  put the food stuff away, vacuum, take out the trash, wash dishes. All help is welcome, but if you don’t want to do anything, that’s okay, too. (It would help if you would clean up your table.)
If you’re wondering what to bring, this should help. We rely on you to bring desserts, casseroles, jello, vegetables, etc. 
Give us some good ideas. This is your place. Fix it. Mess it up. Clean it up. Most of all .. ENJOY IT.

Attendees at the a First Official Over The Hill Gang Meeting

©2022 Over The Hill Gang, Inc.


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