2022 July 28 Meeting

Today’s Meal

Meatloaf, mashed potato, gravy, pea salad, and Mandarin oranges.

Extra charge for the steak tartar.
I’m sorry, you had to be there
to understand


Today’s Games


This week’s announcements

Remember your name tags

Ella and I and representatives from Our Village met with the city manager yesterday to discuss the use of the building and in preparation for the new yearly contract which takes effect on September first. 

What is the most under used piece of equipment that the Gang owns? I gave the answer in a previous post. The piano! 
Do we have any musicians in the club? Do you play an instrument and/or sing? Would you enjoy getting together with like minded folks to exercise your gifts? One of our newest members wants to do something special.

Sign up to order your t-shirt and or ball cap. $12 each. The shirts are pre shrunk so there is no need to order a size larger. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: if you want a shirt and or cap, we need to know soon – very soon. Do that, so we can place our order.

Merle has some game ideas for maybe attracting more people or more use of the building. Merle tell us what is on your mind.

Chess, checkers, Chinese checkers? Card game, canasta, spades, bridge, cribbage, rummy, UNO, 5 Crowns, Dominos, Mexican train, 42, chicken foot board games, Sorry, Wahoo, parcheesi, Fast Track, Scrabble, Yahtzee, farkle, …

Janet collecting money for the meal.
Wait a minute … wait just a darn minute … Who’s hand is that in the till?
Merle is that you?

Now for something serious. I want to address a subject that was recently brought up. In years past, when people brought a dessert, side dish, or salad – they could eat for free. 
This is a long answer to that short question. 
As you may have noticed, the price of food has skyrocketed. We have not yet raised the price of the meals. 

I think you’ll agree that $6 is a darn good price for the meal we serve. As a matter of fact, we often lose money on the meals. 
We would need to raise the price for everyone so that a few could eat free. 
So, cutting to the nitty gritty, “no” you no longer get a free meal for bringing something to share. Most of us bring something to share because it is the neighborly thing to do. 

The money that you pay for the meal has to buy more than the food. Plates, bowls, cups, napkins, toilet paper, storage bags, trash bags, dish soap, hand soap, air fresheners, disinfectants, and on and on.
Here is the hard truth, folks, as expenses rise the income has to keep pace.
We receive no government funds. We are self-funded. We are organized as a “Not for profit” organization. But we are not a charity either. The money received for the meals is our primary source of income.

For transparency – We will also gain a little income from the shirts and hats that you purchase. 
But that’s not all gravy either because the club will be purchasing more shirts than you all are ordering because there is a minimum order limit. 
So, until the extra shirts that the club is buying, above and beyond your orders, are sold, it is a net loss and not income. 

If you have a good idea for an additional revenue stream, we’d like to hear them. Keep in mind we are not for profit. Just need to meet our expenses.

But I think we’re a little old for selling cookies door to door or donning swimwear and hosting a carwash. 😁

Here is a JOKE and it’s only a joke: 
While answering a clinician’s questions about my medical history  I was asked, “How’s your love life?” “I don’t know,” I said. “I’ll ask my wife.” I  got up, walked into the hallway where my wife was sitting, and shouted, “Hey, the doctor wants to know if we still have sex.” My wife shouted back, “No, the only thing we have is Medicare and Blue Cross.”

Oh, boy, now I really need to PRAY: 
Blessed are you, LORD, maker of heaven and Earth, Who causes the rain to fall, to water the fields, that makes the grain grow, with which we make our bread. As you have blessed us with this meal, make us also a blessing for the world. Amen

24 in attendance

©2022 Over The Hill Gang Inc.


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