What Happened in July

From the time we reopened on June 2nd, many of our long time members have returned. We have also added many new members. Please say howdy to: Philip A., ‘Charlie’ A., George B., Margie B., Gwen B., Gloria C., Nancy C., Diane F., Anna G., David H., Diane M., John and Connie M., Pat N., Bea R., Pat R., Gracie R., Peggy R., Carla S., Lisa S., Jannett and Craig T., Isabel V., Joe and Kelcie V., and ‘Josie’ W. And in August we added Odena J, and Bev H.

There was an article about us in the
July issue of Liberty Hill Digest


We had our very first FIRST FRIDAY POTLUCK AND GAME NIGHT on July 1. We ate some good food and had lots of laughs.


We started the month off with the traditional fried chicken and fixings on our first Thursday meeting of the month..


The nice red, white, and blue table
decorations were courtesy of the folks at
Our Village, who share the
building with us.

We all had a good Independence Day with no loss of fingers.


We had a reporter from the Independent newspaper interviewing us Over The Hillers about the club. And as a surprise treat, she played some music on the piano for us.


Beef stew, red beans and rice, salad, fruit and fresh baked biscuits. Yum!


On July 18th OVER THE HILL GANG officially turned 24. We celebrated on Thursday 21st with cake and ice cream.
Baked potatoes with lots of toppings
Cinnamon Apple slices and lettuce salad
And, of course, some pinto beans.


On July 27th Tom and Ella met with the city manager to discuss the use of the building and in preparation for the new yearly contract which takes effect on September first. 


July 28th we began taking orders for new Over The Hill Gang shirts and hats.

We also had plenty of games

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