King Ranch Chicken Recipe for 08/11/22

King Ranch Chicken
On Wednesday:
Boil 15 pounds of mixed chicken (breasts and thighs) in salted water. Shred with 2 forks. Set aside to cool
Melt 2½ tablespoons butter in a pan and (cut veggies into very small pieces) sauté 5 bell peppers and 5 onions and 5 carrots and a full bunch of celery till tender.
Cut 1 value pack of corn tortillas (from sams) into bite size cubes.
In a large bowl mix:
2 large cans cream of chicken
2 large cans cream of mushroom
4 Tablespoons chicken broth melted in ½ cup water 2 large cans rotel Parsley to taste
Salt and Pepper to taste Thyme to taste
add: cooled chicken, cooked veggies and cubed tortillas. Mix well
Spray nonstick in 2 large baking dishes. Pour mixture, cover with plastic wrap and put in frig.
Take plastic wrap off. Place in 390 degree oven for 1.5 hours then turn down to 375 degrees. Top with cheddar cheese around 10am.
Serve with biscuit mix bread (ratio: 2 cups mix to ½ cup boiling water and 4tablespoons melted butter)

Please note: As Tom is doing the majority of the cooking, you should be aware that he treats recipes as “idea starters” rather than something that needs to be strictly followed.

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