Thursday October 06, 2022

Sign In Sheet Remember, If you are not on the sign in sheet, you stand zero chance of winning the door prize. 

There will be a Women’s Conference. Thursday evening at the cowboy church just about 5 miles up the road.

WE’VE CUT the breast meat in half. please take only one piece the first time through. 

Take home meals. To save the club the expense of purchasing take out containers, Members who regularly like to take home leftovers are being asked to bring their own containers. I will even ask, if you have suitable containers (you know what I mean – margarine and cool whip tubs etc) that you can donate, we’ll try to keep those on hand for this purpose. Take them home and return them next time. 

 CONTRACT: Yesterday I signed the contract with the city for the use of this building for another year. 

I received assurances that we will not be restricted to only the days and hours shown in exhibit A. 

It comes down to this: the city owns this building and we operate here at their pleasure. 
We provide them with a valuable service to the area seniors and it costs them nothing but the utilities and upkeep of their building.

The first Tuesday of November and the first Tuesday of December. Pat will be leading us in crafts. November a Gnome Wreath. December painted rocks with a Christmas theme.? 

Margie also had some craft ideas she would like to share. (2nd Tue. of Dec.) Watch for those announcements check our web pages

This was mentioned last week and I’ll ask again. Do you crafters have a craft in which you would like to instruct us? Talk to one of the board members to be scheduled 

By the way, you DO NOT have to drink coffee. Come for the fellowship and whatever else is going on.

Speaking of coffee. Since no one was drinking coffee this summer, we stopped making it. However, if you would like coffee, it only takes a few minutes to make. 

FIRST FRIDAY POTLUCK AND GAME NIGHT is coming up Tomorrow October 7th from 7pm ’till 9ish.

We are now using the building on Tuesdays for coffee, crafts, conversations, and more. 
Wednesdays for Bible study starting October 12th 3-4:30
Thursdays lunch and games
Friday evenings on the FIRST FRIDAY every month for Potluck and Games 7-9ish 

I’d like to see us do more for the area seniors and put this building to more use. Our in-house neighbors use the building from 8 to 2 Monday, (Tuesday), Wednesday, and Friday and I don’t want to inconvenience them either. So any additional activities should be planned for after two o’clock. I’m asking for ideas.  

Joke:  Having heard my stories about the Good Old Days, my son asked me what was so great about those days. I answered with a sky grin, “Well, I suppose it has to be because, back then, I was neither Old nor Good!” 

Prayer: Bless this senior center, Lord, and those who gather here. Let it be a place where we can meet to eat and love and laugh and pray. Amen. 

©2022 Over The Hill Gang, Inc


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