Thursday lunch and games 11-03-2022

Fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, pinto beans, sliced peaches, and a variety of desserts. Yum!

The History Corner discussing the
care and feeding of vintage vehicles

Many chose to play bingo after lunch.

5 Crowns card game was
played by four of us.
I was not the biggest loser
and that’s all I have to say about that

OTHG 11-03-2022 SIGN-IN SHEET 
Has everyone signed in? Good, 
Celeste’s daughter contacted me the other day about using the building on first Saturday in December. I told her that we miss Celeste and her hats. Everyone who knows her probably has a hat story 
When is our hat day and shirt day this month? The 2nd Thursday is always hat day. The 4th Thursday is shirt day. Except this month because the 4th Thursday is Thanksgiving and we will be closed.


Operation Liberty Hill food drive. Notice the donation Barrell is in the front hallway.. I encourage you/us to bring at least one can of food (more if you’re able) through November.  If you would rather donate money/check we can do that also. If you write a check, make it out to Operation Liberty Hill, not to Over The Hill Gang. 

CHANGE Wednesday Bible study start time moved a half hour to 2:30 hopefully that helps with traffic. 

We need volunteers to assist with meal planning and preparation. This is not a lifetime commitment.Raise your hand if you are willing to be on this committee.  

Also help with cleanup and putting away after lunch is always appreciated. We delay playing games until cleanup is done – that gives everyone a chance to play. 
Many hands make light work. 

This last Tuesday, November first, was to be the time to create the fall gnome wreath. However, Pat attempted to walk on air when she reached the end of the walk way. It will be rescheduled to NEXT Tuesday

And Tomorrow evening, Friday the 4th,  POTLUCK AND GAMES from 7-9ish

Joke: If you are offended by blonde jokes, feel free to change their hair color to any shade you prefer. Feel free to change their gender, in your mind, also.

 A young blonde woman was pulled over for speeding. The traffic cop that pulled her over was also a young blonde woman. The cop asked for the driver’s license. She dug around in her purse for a while and then ask, “What does it look like?”  

The traffic cop said, “It’s  a rectangle and it has your picture on one side.” 

The blonde driver pulls out her compact, opened it, and said, “Oh here it is” and showed it to the cop. 

The blonde cop looked at it and said, “Oh I didn’t realize you were a traffic cop also you may go.”

Prayer: Lord, Thank you for family and friends Thank you for times like these Where we can gather together, Share in food, drink and relax. Please bless this meal, and all that it means. May the food nourish us, And the fellowship enrich our lives. Most of all, may we always invite you into our homes, And into our hearts. Amen.

©2022 Over The Hill Gang, Inc.


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