Thursday 12/01/2022

Constable anderson spoke
to us about scams.
Twenty six members were present.

Today’s announcements

OTHG     12-1-2022

Welcome everyone, wow we’re in December now!! Everyone signed in?? If not Merle will get you after. Continue to keep Tom and Ella in your prayers, they are doing well and are missed.


We want to thank all that brought donations for Operation Liberty Hill!!


Our precinct 2 Constable Jeff Anderson is here today to join us for lunch and to giveTips on Safety and will also be providing some literature.

Gary is needing to know if there is members that are going to participate in the Liberty Hill Christmas parade, please make time to talk to him. If NO interest then OTHG will not be part of the parade.

For those who have shown interest in the Kitchen Commity, we need to get together for the planning of the meals and to plan what Thursday each of you will be able to help?? 

Would you prefer to come on a Tuesday and have a meeting during our coffee time? Or come early on a Thursday before the luncheon? 

As always help with cleaning up is very much appreciated!!


1) Tommorrow Friday December 2nd, we will NOT be having our monthly Potluck. 

2) Next Tuesday December 6th, is Christmas Rock Painting if you are interested and have not signed up there is still time, please see Pat Roberts.

3) Tuesday December 13th, we will be having  breadfast during our Coffee time, those that are interested please see me sometime before you leave.

4) Our Christmas POTLUCK Party is now on Thursday December 15th during our luncheon we are suggesting fingers foods, anything that doesn’t need to be prepared like our regular luncheon so we can enjoy and have less clean up. Remember to wear  your “Bling and Sequins” White Elephent gift exchange. A wrapped new or in new condition gift. ($10)


JOKE: No joke due to time.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father we come to you get thanksgiving for this time we can enjoy with family and friends. We ask that You bless this food that we receive from thy boundy and the hands that prepared it. In JESUS name we pray Amen!!  

©2022 Over The Hill Gang, Inc.


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