Lunch and Games 01/12/23


01-12-2023 OTHG
Thank y’all for signing in. It helps us with our documentation and puts you on the drawing for a prize. 

The Barrel for Operation Liberty Hill will be coming back and be a continuing donation. 

Santa Rita Ranch Expo

Remember:  all y’all are invited to ALL of our activities throughout the week. We are more than Thursday lunch. 

Tuesday Coffee, donuts, crafts, and more
Wednesday Bible study at 2:30. Gospel of Mark
Thursday men’s gathering At 8
Followed by these lunches at 11:30. Which are followed by games. Please stay and join in the fun.
Friday night potluck and game is on hold until the daylight is longer and the weather warmer or until further notice. 

CONCERNING KITCHEN HELP. While we appreciate offers to help between 11 & 11:30. What we really need are people who can commit to assist with the meal. This requires committing to a specific task at a specific time. It does not mean that you volunteer for every week – though that would be appreciated also. 
Duties could be as simple as opening a bag of salad and putting it into a bowl or making tea and or coffee. If you are comfortable with following a receipt and preparing something like meatloaf or King Ranch Chicken you will be greatly appreciated. Merle or Janet have a signup book with upcoming menu items. 

As always help with the clean up is So much Appreciated!!

Concerning lunch: please take one One portion only.
Everyone gets the opportunity to eat BEFORE seconds are called. I will announce when. 
After everyone has had an opportunity for seconds then I’ll announce for take home. 

There are a few OTHG T shirts left unsold. See Jannett Thornburg if you are interested. No special orders. We have only what we have. 
As of the end of January, due to health and treatments reasons, Ella and I are resigning from the board. We are not leaving OTHG. But we may be gone through February and March or later. 
The board will appointment replacements. We, by our bylaws, must have a 6 person board. The appointed will hold the position until the annual election during the 3rd Thursday in June. 

JOKE:  A man walks into his living room and sees his wife sitting with her arms crossed and jaw locked. He looks at her and tries to think of what might had caused this foul look. 
Not remembering anything he had
 done, he said, “If something I said can be Interpeted In two ways and one of those ways have upset you… then I meant the other onel”

Bless us, O God. Bless our food and our drink. Since you redeemed us so dearly and delivered us from evil, as you gave us a share in this food so may you give us a share in eternal life.


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