Thursday March 9, 2023, Lunch Fun and More

Our V.P. getting presented his very own Apron!!

Watch out Folks!

HOT Stuff Coming Through!!

Ready to serve lunch, Thank You Josie and Charlie…

Our wonderful members visiting while waiting to get started.

Ms. Dorothy ready to dig in.

Let the fun begin! ” BINGO”

Playing Five Crowns

Those that didn’t want to play games, visiting and enjoining each other’s company.

Let’s not forgot some of our members that came for Tuesday Coffee and Crafts & helped make the March Centerpieces, they did a Fantastic job!!

OTHG March 9, 2023

Welcome everyone glad that you are here today. Has everyone signed in?

If not, Merle will get around to you after the announcements.

Before we get started, please silence your phones, I will remind you to turn them back on after I’m done, thank you.

March 16th, Gary Spivey will be giving another History of Liberty Hill at 10:30, come join us. Also wear something “Green “ for St. Patrick’s Day.

March 23rd, is HAT Day wear your favorite or silly hat.


Tuesdays Coffee, Crafts and more at 9:30

Wednesdays Bible Study at 2:30 we are studying the book of Mark.

Thursdays Men’s Group at 8

Thursdays lunch, games and fun at whatever time you get here. Lunch service at 11:30.


I was visiting my son the other day, when I asked him if I could borrow a newspaper.

Dad, he replied, this is the 21st century, “I don’t waste my money on newspapers. But if you like, you can borrow my iPad.”

I can tell you this: “That spider never knew what hit him!!


Gracious Heavenly Father, we come before You with a grateful heart and ask that You bless this time together with family and friends and this food from thy bounty. In Jesus name, Amen!


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