March 23, 2023, Hat Day Luncheon

Our guys having their Thursday morning Men’s Group.

Coffee, snacks and of course conversation!!

Our members visiting while waiting for lunch.

I see a few at the dessert table.

So wonderful to see some of our members wear their Hat for HAT DAY

Enjoying lunch and conversation

Our group picture of members wearing their hats. (with a few photo bombers)

What could they be looking at, hum???

Any ideas???

Some of our beautiful ladies enjoying a game of Scrabble.

Did someone say BINGO! We got some serious players here.

OTHG March 23, 2023

Welcome everyone good to see y’all, has everyone signed in? If not, Merle will get to you after, need to be signed in to have a chance at winning the door prize.

Will everyone please silence their phones for the announcements, and I will remind you to turn them back on. Thank you.


Operation Liberty Hill has their barrel out in the hallway, for those that would like to donate.


Today is Hat Day, thank you to those who are wearing their favorite or funny hat. Let’s have fun and enjoy!

March 30th, our 5th Thursday we will be serving Chili and Cornbread for lunch.

April 4th, we will be doing a craft not sure what it will be yet. Any and every suggestions welcome.

Reminders: y’all are welcome to come and join us any day.

Tuesdays Morning Coffee, Crafts and More at 9:30, the guys usually get here earlier.

Wednesdays Bible Study at 2:30, next week we will be studying the book of Jude.

Thursdays Men’s Group at 8 and of course our Luncheon at 11:30.


“Nothing looks good on me anymore,” wailed a customer modeling an outfit in front of the department store’s mirror.

“Nonsense ma’am, soothed the salesclerk.” “That dress says it all!.”

“That’s the problem, “the woman replied. I need a dress that keeps its mouth shut.”


Heavenly Father we come to You with Thanksgiving asking that You bless this time with family and friends. Bless this food in Jesus name, Amen.

Those that need help please go first. Don’t forget to turn your phones back on.


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