April 13, 2023 Luncheon

Our handsome men enjoying their morning coffee and conversation.

Some of our members chatting while waiting for lunch to be served.

A few of our beautiful ladies visiting after lunch.

Game On

You think they enjoy playing BINGO? YES!!

The ladies playing 42, watch out!

OTHG April 13, 2023

Hello and welcome everyone, have y’all signed in? If not, Merle will get you after. Please silence your phones during the announcements, you will be reminded to turn them back on, Thank you.


Next week April 20th is “History of Liberty Hill” we start at 10:30. Come join us.

April 27th, will be OTHG T-Shirt Day, please wear your OTHG shirt. If you don’t have one wear whatever you like, just PLEASE wear one!


An elderly couple were in church, when the wife suddenly turns to her husband and says, “I’ve just done a silent fart, what should I do?” Her husband answered, “you need to put new batteries in your hearing aids.”


Most gracious Father Thank You for this day we are blessed with that we can gather with family and friends. Bless this time together as we enjoy food, fun and games with all those that are here today. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.


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