April 27, 2023 Luncheon

Our beautiful garden courtesy of our V.P. Charlie, we’ll have some fresh veggies.

Tom, Ella and other members visiting while waiting for lunch to be served.

Lunch is being served, hungry members!

Our VP Charlie and Ms. Josie serving lunch as always and Ms. Dorothy. Spaghetti, garlic bread and salad YUM.

The guys chatting after they enjoyed their lunch.

Ms. Rachel and Ms. Josie visiting after having lunch.

Our members enjoying playing BINGO, had a full house.

Bingo had a full house, our overflow table. Did someone say BINGO!

Ms. Elyse with some friends that are now new members. Welcome ladies.

OTHG April 27, 2023

Welcome everyone good to see all your smiling faces this morning. Is everyone signed in? If not Merle will get you after.

Please silence your phones for the announcements and I will remind you to turn them back on after, thank you.


April 28, which this Friday there will be a bus tour for Liberty Hill ISD at 11 am picking up here at the center and comes back around 1:30, anyone interested in going Friday please let me as soon possible so I can add you to the list. If you would like to go but can’t make it this time, there will be other tours in the near future. I was told possibly during the summer break if not sometime after the beginning of the new school year. I will inform y’all as soon as I have the information.

Tuesday May 2nd, we will be planting seedlings and potting some starter plants. If you’d like to join us to help and/ or have plants, you would like to donate or share please bring them with you.

May 18, Gary Spivey will be giving another History of Liberty Hill starting at 10:30. Come early and have some coffee and a snack. Will be an ongoing thing every third Thursday of each month.


When my wife caught me standing on the bathroom scale, sucking in my stomach, she laughed. “Ha! That’s not going to help” she said. I replied “Sure, it does.” It’s the only way I can see the numbers.”


Father God, we Thank You for the blessing You continually bestowed on us daily, that we do not do without. Bless this time together with family, friends, the food that we will enjoy today and our town of Liberty Hill.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen.


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