May 4, 2023 Luncheon

Some of the guys enjoying their men’s coffee time.

Gary and Lester chatting while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Mr. Snell LHISD Superintent joined the guys for coffee.

Mr. John playing handy man, while Mr. Gary R. supervised.

Thank you, guys, for getting the lock fixed.

Some of our beautiful ladies waiting for lunch to be served.

Our Liberty Hill Mayor Liz joined us for lunch, Thank You Mayor for making time for OTHG Luncheon, sitting with mayor Liz, Ms. Eliane.

More of our beautiful members enjoying lunch.

Great lunch, now time to chat-chit.

More members enjoying lunch and visiting.

Some of our ladies playing a game of Scrabble.

Those that don’t play games but do enjoy visiting with other members.

We see you guys back there, smile!

And their off! BINGO….

WOW!! Wonderful even some of the guys joined in on a game of “84.”

Five Crowns” is the name of the game. Ms. Merle we can see your cards.

Better be careful looks like they are having TOO much fun.

OTHG May 4, 2023

Welcome everyone, are y’all signed in? If not please let Merle know after.

Please silence your phones for the announcements and y’all will be reminded to turn them back on after thank you.


Today we our celebrating the month of May birthdays and will be serving Birthday Cake with the meal for those that would like to have some.

For those that haven’t noticed that our menu board is now a picture board, Merle did something new and different for a menu board. Also the menu for each month will be posted on the website.

May 18, Gary will be doing another History of Liberty Hill that starts at 10:30, you are welcome to come early to enjoy a cup or two of coffee and a snack before we get started.

May 25, will be Blue T-shirt/top Day, so wear your Blue shirt/top any shade you have will do.


Charlie thought his girlfriend might be the one after some time together.

But after one day looking through her knicker drawer and finding a Nurse’s outfit, a French maid’s outfit and a Police woman’s uniform he finally decided.

“If she can’t even hold down a job, that she was not the one for him.”


With today being National Day of Prayer, Father we Thank You for the fact that we do live in the Greatest Country in the world and lift it up in prayer, so that You continue to bless it and that we remember It was founded on Your Word. “The Word of God” Bless this time with family and friends as we gather here together for food, fun and games. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.


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