09-15-2022 Board Meeting

Board Meeting of Over the Hill Gang     Thursday, September 15, 2022The OTHG Board met to address a question that will amend the OTHG By Laws:  What if a member who needs help (for example, a member who cannot drive, or is in a wheelchair, or uses a walker, or is injured, etc.) is accompanied by someone who is under 50 years old and is acting in the capacity of their caregiver?  Can they attend OTHG activities while caring for this member?  OR if a member has a spouse/life partner who is under 50?  Can they become a member?

All Board members were present, and after discussion, Tom made the motion that under 50 years of age spouses/life partners and/or caregivers of a member can become an ‘Auxiliary member’ if they want to and be allowed to attend all activities with the member they are caring for.  They will not, however, be able to be on the Board or vote.  
The motion was seconded by Janet Ross and unanimously accepted by all Board members. 
We can now present it to the membership for approval.  We need 15% of the total membership to approve any changes of bylaws.
Tom also told us that the present contract with the City of Liberty Hill, which has not yet been signed, limits our use of the building and he will see to it that it is changed back to 24/7 use for us.
Respectfully submitted,
Merle Rouillard, Secretary

©2022 Over The Hill Gang, Inc.


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