Thursday lunch 02/09/2023


Steaming hot baked potatoes with all the fixings, pinto beans with ham, pears, along with birthday cake and other desserts, that was what was for lunch. Always a fan favorite.
Working hard on the kitchen.
Getting everything prepared for lunch.
We had close to a full house …
well, we have two more rooms
(1 large & 1 small)
that I’d like to see full also.
Not much in the way of leftovers
and no one went away hungry.
That’s the way we like to see it
We had a guest speaker who talked to us about the future of Liberty Hill Independent School District. Our “little town” is close to become the largest city in Williamson county.
Though we ran a little long with the
speaker fielding the many questions
our members asked, we still had time
this afternoon for fun and games.
©2023 Over The Hill Gang, Inc.

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