Thursday lunch and more 02/16/2023

Second presentation on history of Liberty Hill.

Announcements being presented.

Our President (Jannett) and Vice President (Charlie) sorting pizzas for lunch.

Members enjoying their lunch.

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OTHG Feb. 16, 2023

Welcome everyone, is everyone signed in? If not Merle will get around to you after the announcements.

We had our second showing of the History of Liberty Hill this morning, if you didn’t make it we will having one each month. Will announce what day the next one will as soon as we have a date set.


Operation Liberty Hill has brought us another barrel, it is in the hallway where it was before. Anyone who wants to donate please do, it is very much appreciated.

Speaking of Operation Liberty Hill, they will be having a Charity Golf Tournament on April 24,  Lisa Smith would like to say a bit more about this.


On the tables there is a survey for Arts and Crafts, please feel free to give suggestions on ideas or other projects you would like to do.

Next Thursday February 23, our  Precinct 2 Constable Jeff Anderson will be joining again for give us more safety tips. 

As always please wait until everyone gets an opportunity to eat before seconds, I will announce and after I’ll announce for take home if there is take home to take, thank you!


As the hedge fund manager gets out of his brand new Porsche, a truck goes racing by, taking off the door. “My Porsche! My Beautiful Silver Porsche is ruined “ he screams.

A police officer on the scene shakes his head in disgust. I can’t believe you, he says. You’re so focused on your possessions that you didn’t even realize your left arm was torn off when the truck hit you.

The hedge fund manager looks down in absolute horror; Oh no, he cries My Rolex! How sad the police officer replies.


Heavenly Father, we thank you for is opportunity to gather with family and friends for food fun and games. We ask that You bless this food and are thankful we don’t do without, in Jesus name we pray. Amen


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